Why Join Signature Wine Club?

Finding premium wine for a reasonable cost is very difficult in China

Signature Wine Club was founded to solve this problem. Every month we find fantastic wine at a reasonable price and deliver it directly to you. Out mantra is Quality, Value and Convenience.

We are China’s first and only premier subscription based wine club “Signature Wine Club”.

We are your neighbors and friends. We are a passionate private company comprised of a team of professionals who appreciate wine and are looking for the best wine values in China. We create and share new ways to discover and learn about wine in both English and Chinese language. We offer 2 great subscriptions to choose from, “Silver” and “Gold”.

Wines selected by experts

Let’s face it. Selecting a wine by its label or price is really a game of chance. You win some, you lose some, especially in China! But the Signature Wine Club panel of experienced tasters and noted wine experts evaluates hundreds of different wines each month. They carefully select and feature only the most extraordinary examples to share with you. And that means you can say goodbye to buying disappointing wines.

Enjoy memorable wines from around the world

Where will next month’s featured selections come from? The vineyards are sometimes legendary; some cradled in the world’s classic wine regions, such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa/Sonoma, the Rhône Valley. But most often, the happiest discoveries are made in tiny, little-known wineries, sometimes in locales that may surprise you, such as can be found in South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.

Membership is free. No dues. No hidden charges

As a Signature Wine Club member, you pay only for the wines you receive. There are no signup fees, no monthly membership cost. You can cancel your membership at any time without penalties or obligations.

Extraordinary wines, extraordinary values

We are not a discount club, but do promise outstanding value for money. Because of our strong long-term relationships with distributors and vintners we often find ourselves in a position where we can purchase wine at a significant discount. We can then share these outstanding values with our members.

Wine education that gives you the fascinating story behind your wines

Each month you’ll get acquainted with your featured wines in the lively educational notes. Learn more about where the wine comes from and get profiles on the vineyards. Discover the story behind the grapes and what contributes to the wine’s character and blend. Information on how to handle your wines and food pairings will help make you an expert in no time!

Convenience: Delivered directly to your home or office

Your wines are delivered to your home or office every month—much easier than finding a wine retailer and choosing bottles on your own.

Reorder your favorite selections at special savings

As a member, you may select additional bottles of any Signature Wine Club featured wines while supplies last, at below commensurate retail prices.

Flash Sales

Our “Members’ Only” opportunity. When our team comes across a limited amount of very special wines that may be hard to find in China, or great wines offered at a special price, we will offer a flash sale to our members.

Online Community

Join the conversation with other members to learn more and hear about wine related events around China.