Here’s what some of our members have to say:

“My experience with Signature Wine has been fantastic! Not knowing much about wine and looking for a good but inexpensive way to introduce myself to all that the world of wine had to offer, I came across the “Wine of the Month Club” and Fongyee Walker. Fongyee’s knowledge of wine, combined with her down to earth and approachable style, make the appreciation and enjoyment of wine available to the uninitiated at prices that anyone can afford.”

- Cathy C.

“It is Christmas once a month with the Signature Wine Club. Each month we are surprised with a nice selection of unique wines we never would have tried otherwise.”

- Peter J

“While surfing the web I have found a real gem! I joined the club and now look forward to trying new wines I would never have found on my own every single month. Thanks.”

- Wang Tao

“Being a member of the wine club is a blast! I get to try wines from all over the world that are not available locally– at terrific prices. I gave my parents a membership for Chinese New Year and they love it!”

- Xiao Li

“I am fed up with buying wines at the local supermarkets. I end up dumping about one third of the wine down the drain! With Signature Wine I know I am receiving good quality wine, and if I ever do come across a bottle that hasn’t traveled well they will take care of it for me.”

- Eric E.

“Unbelievable value for money! I would gladly pay retail prices for the wines that the Club selects just knowing that the wine is high quality and legitimate, but when you add in the service, convenience and education, and the fact that I am paying LESS than retail price… Signature Wine is amazing!”

- Jeff E.

“The educational material has been great. I’ve learned more about wine in the past 3 months than I had in the previous 5 years”

- Emily Z.

“You have made my life much easier…and tastier. Thanks!”

- Mike S.

“My clients thank me every month…a great way to stay in touch”

- Scott P.

“No longer struggling to find quality wine at a reasonable price”

- Vincent S.

“I really enjoyed the New Zealand white that was sent to the members in September, so I ordered a case for myself. The wine is fantastic and my cost was nearly 40% less than retail!”

- Jill H

“I recently bought a case for gifting. My friends loved the wine and were greatly impressed by my new found knowledge of wine….Now they all want to join the club!”

- Marcus L