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Maquis Cabernet Sauvignon

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  • 2015
  • Red
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Colchagua Valley, 
  • Chile
Total : ¥894.00

The primary grape in this wine is Cabernet Sauvignon; which is the child of white variety Sauvignon Blanc and another black grape variety called Cabernet Franc.

This particular wine is primarily made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with a small touch of Grenache, and Petit Verdot.

You can expect the deep ruby colour of Cabernet Sauvignon with an enticing nose of ripe black fruits (mulberry and blackcurrant), with these varieties natural herbaceousness (touch of grass and green leaf), along with some barrel matured mocha and dark chocolate notes. The Cabernet Franc also gives this wine greater fruitiness and moderates the robust tannic structure of its child Cabernet Sauvignon, resulting in a wine that has plenty of fruit, bright acidity but not too much tannin. Enjoy!

The Hurtado family has owned the Viña Maquis vineyard for more than a century, but it wasn’t until 20 years ago that the family decided to make their own wine out of the terrific grapes in their own backyard.

The vineyards are located in a very special valley within the Colchagua region, in the heart of Chile, which is frost-free, and has an ideal climate to bring attractive ripeness to its wines. The winery’s original consultant winemaker, the late Jacques Boissenot, worked extensively with such top Bordeaux chateaux as Lafite and Latour; along with other distinguished producers of Cabernet Sauvignon in France and elsewhere to learn how to handle this sometimes tricky grape providing Vina Maquis the knowledge necessary to produce fantastic wines.


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