Buttler Kadarka SZALAY
Product No. 2019FEB02

Grof Buttler Egri Kadarka

Member's Price: ¥199 per bottle
  • 2013
  • Red
  • Kadarka
  • Eger, 
  • Hungary
Total : ¥1,194.00

This wine is a single varietal Kadarka. The exact origin of this grape remains unknown but it lies somewhere within the Balkan area. Kadarka wines tends to have medium body, gentle tannin, fresh acidity and can be reminiscent of Pinot Noir.

This wine has an attractive ruby red colour. On the nose, you’ll find some of the bright red cherry and red plum fruit with a touch of floral violet character and white pepper typical of this variety. There are also some developed notes of leather and mushroom. On the palate, this wine is medium-bodied with a still lively core of ripe red fruit, buoyant acidity and ripe rounded moderate tannins. This 2013 has developed nicely and is a wonderful expression of the Kadarka grape. Enjoy!

Gróf Buttler winery was founded in 1999 in Eger, Hungary. The vineyard consists of 36 hectares of land, and the grapes used in their wines come exclusively from their own vineyards.

The winery believes in producing wines by using traditional wine-making methods, mostly through manual labour. Particular attention is paid to the integrity of the grapes during harvest and this approach is upheld throughout the entire winemaking process. Gróf Buttler is well-recognized in Hungary – and increasingly internationally – as one of the best and most reliable producers in the country, especially for its vibrant and often ageworthy red wines.


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