The Best Wines to Pair With Chocolate

Whether you’re a serious wine-lover or passionate about chocolate, it’s worth exploring a marriage of the two
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Fine Wine and Caviar—Made in China?

China has never shied away from duplicating mass-produced Western goods. Now it’s trying its hand at boutique wine, artisanal cheeses and homegrown caviar. Will it succeed?
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Should You Let the Sommelier Taste Your Wine?

SHOULD THE SOMMELIER taste your wine before you do? It seems like such a simple question, and yet it is one that can provoke a surprisingly heated debate among oenophiles—professionals and amateurs alike.
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Is Drinking Wine Better Than Going To The Gym? According To Scientists, Yes!

Whoever said no news is good news was wrong. Turns out drinking red wine is better for you than going to the gym! How’s that for good news?
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10 Incredible Personal Wine Cellars

These incredible personal wine cellars make use of interesting materials and spaces with stunning results. Whether you have spare space under you stairwell or under your kitchen, or even have an entire spare room available for your special bottles, these creative wine storage solutions are stunning additions to your home.
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Your Style, Your Wine

In a much similar way wines have their styles as well. Wine experts and sommeliers have the ability to recognize a wide repertoire of flavors and tastes of wine varieties and make a connection between them, therefore forming the 4 main wine styles.
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What Wine Glass Should I Use?

Wine etiquette is so elaborated and complicated, you might go without a taste of wine if we are to respect all the rules and regulations of wine drinking. On the other part, this is the beauty of drinking wine. You have to be well-mannered, elegant and it good spirits to truly enjoy this fine beverage….and, and…. let’s not forget: use suited wine glass.
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golden age of wine

Is This Really a Golden Age for Wine? If so, where’s the action?

We've all heard it said—many of us have probably said it ourselves—that we're living in a Golden Age for fine wine. But is it true? I'd say that, yes, it is true—up to a point. It is a Golden Age for fine wine. But not for every producer, and it's not everywhere, either. And that, in turn, is why not everyone gets in on the golden deal merely by showing up with a credit card. You've got to know where to look.
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wine in two words

Wine in Two Words

I’M not one to go overboard in describing the myriad aromas and flavors in a glass of wine. In fact, most of the gaudy descriptions found in tasting notes will not help a whit to understand the character of a bottle of wine or to anticipate the experience of drinking it.
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Ben Wiseman

California Sparking Wine Sneaks Up On Champagne

The bottles of bubbly coming from California offer an appealing midway point of both price and complexity between prestigious Champagne and fun but forgettable Prosecco
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Sophie Otton

Service and Etiquette in a Western Restaurant

Western restaurants have their own way of doing things, and knowing how they work makes for a more enjoyable dining experience all round. And while there may be some minor variations from country to country, as a rule, they are fairly consistent.
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how to start a wine cellar

How to Start a Wine Cellar

IF YOU ENJOY WINE, are starting to take more than a passing interest and have perhaps bought the odd reference book about vino varieties, it might be time to think about beginning your very own wine cellar.
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