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What is Signature Wine Club?

Signature Wine is a subscription service. We select the best wines from around the world to help you discover new wines, and provide educational information on each wine, so you can learn more to help you discover new wines. It’s all delivered to your door, every month! We pride ourselves on Quality, Value and Service.

How do you choose the wines?

Each month our specialists compare notes and find the best international wine values available in the market.

How many bottles do I receive?

You may choose between subscriptions of 2 bottles or 3 bottles of wine per month.

Can I choose the type of wine I receive?

Our goal is to provide a wide range of interesting wines to our members. The majority of the wines we select are reds, but we do mix other varietals. In the future we plan on offering an option of red only or mixed.

How much do I pay?

299 RMB per month for 2 bottles and 449 RMB per month for 3 bottles. Gold Subscriptions are 800 RMB per month for 3 bottles. No other fees. Shipping, taxes, and all other related costs are included. There are also lump-sum payment options for 3/6/12 month subscriptions.

How do I pay?

All your purchases can be made directly on our website via Bank Transfer, Alipay or PayPal. If you would like to pay cash, please click here or email wine@sigwine.com.

When am I billed?

Using PayPal subscription, you will be charged once a month until you choose to cancel. We collect payments the month before the shipments go out, and payments are renewed automatically every month at the same date. Using When purchasing a 3/6/12 month membership, you pay a one- time lump-sum amount.

When will I receive my wine?

This depends on when you subscribed. If you subscribed before the 15th of the month, you will receive your wines the last week of the same month. If you subscribed after the 15th, you will receive your wines the first week of the following month.

Can I reorder wines that I like?

Absolutely. Wines available for reorder on the website .

Where do you ship?

We can ship cases of wine to most of China.

Can I put my monthly shipments on hold when I go on vacation?

To delay or skip a shipment, simply click or email us at wine@sigwine.com. You will not be billed for wine which you do not receive.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact us immediately. You can cancel your subscription any time in your “Account” tab. You may also cancel by simply writing us an email at wine@sigwine.com or by using our online form here . For PayPal users, you may discontinue your membership in Signature Wine Club whenever you wish simply by contacting PayPal to stop your auto-payments.

I was charged this month but did not receive my Signature Wines?

You will receive a shipment for every month we charged. If you have any problems, click here or don’t hesitate to contact us by email at wine@sigwine.com.

What if I have a problem (i.e. damaged bottle)?

Contact us immediately by email at wine@sigwine.com or click here and we’ll do the rest!

What if I get a wine that I don’t like or just doesn’t taste right?

We guarantee your satisfaction with every wine you receive from Signature Wine Club.  Occasionally, you may discover a bottle which has not traveled well. Tell us. We’ll replace it.

What if I have a friend who would like to join?

We welcome new members to Signature Wine Club. If you have a friend who might enjoy becoming a member, contact us. If your friend does join, you will earn points towards various gifts and rewards! Click here to refer your friend to the Signature Wine Club.

Will you provide my email or contact information to other companies?

Signature Wine Club does not provide your email address or phone number to other companies (with the exception of the delivery company).

What are the Benefits of Signature Wine Club?

  • Great value for money
  • Saves time
  • Convenience: Monthly delivery to your office or home
  • No minimum term
  • No additional fees (VAT, taxes, shipping, everything is included in the subscription price)
  • Buy for yourself, or as make a gift to someone else.
  • Participate in our member-only Flash Offers/Finds
  • Participate in our off-line events and educational courses

Who are you?

We are your neighbors and friends. We are a passionate, independent private company comprised of a team of professionals who appreciate wine and are looking for the best wine values in China. We create and share new ways to discover and learn about wine in both English and Chinese language. We pride ourselves on providing members Quality, Convenience and great Value for money.