Eight Facts about Signature Wine Club

  1. We are wine specialists in and outside of China
    Wine is all we do. Our team has over 150 years’ professional experience: we know what makes not just good wine but great wine.
  2. You can taste the quality
    Our group of experts tastes hundreds of different wines each year, before selecting the best values for our members. And, yes, you can taste the difference.
  3. You can serve with complete confidence
    No fakes. Rigorous selection means you can serve our wines confident they will delight guests and colleagues. Just be ready for them to ask for another glass!
  4. You’ll appreciate the values
    We find the best values in the market and never ask you to pay for famous names that fail to deliver on taste. And we avoid the bargain basement – dilute, bland or artificial-tasting wines are never a good value.
  5. Exclusive wines you won’t find elsewhere
    Because we are independent and deal with many smaller wineries you simply won’t be able to find some of the wines we offer in stores.
  6. A world of wine to discover
    We constantly strive to discover new, better wines. There are always exciting wines to discover, sometimes in the least known places. And you share the excitement!
  7. Your satisfaction guaranteed
    Occasionally, you may discover a bottle which has not traveled well. Tell us. We’ll replace it.
  8. True wine buying convenience and first-class service.
    We work with the best local logistics teams to get the wines to you quickly and safely. Any questions or concerns, we’re only a phone call away.